Ban Glyphosate EU Citizens' Initiative

March 2017

Besides the obvious negative environmental impacts of the world's most widely-used herbicide, readers of GM-free Scotland will probably agree that,"expanding scientific evidence demonstrates that glyphosate is also a serious threat to human health" [1,2,3]. Also, because "EU Regulation 1107/2009 prohibits the use of pesticides when there is sufficient evidence in laboratory animals that these substances can cause cancer, based on IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) criteria ... EU approval for glyphosate must be withdrawn."

A European Citizens' Initiative (see below) has been launched to address the glyphosate problem, in particular to remove weaknesses in the EU regulatory system currently exploited by pesticide manufacturers, and to reduce pesticide use overall.

The 'Ban Glyphosate' Initiative has now been registered by the European Commission, initiating a one-year process of collection of signatures in support of its proposals.

To participate in the Initiative, signatories must enter their address details, plus the date and place of birth (and in some countries, their ID number)


Ban Glyphosate needs your help:
  • check out
  • sign the petition
  • circulate it to your friends
  • if you are part of an organisation with related aims (environmental, food, health issues etc.), register with Ban Glyphosate, to help gather signatures and to publicise the Initiative on your website.

What is a European Citizens' Initiative?

A European Citizens' Initiative can demand that the European Commission propose legislation on matters for which the EU has competencies. The Initiative must be signed by at least one million EU citizens with minimum thresholds reached in at least seven member states.


[1] THE GM-GLYPHOSATE GAME - February 2017
[2] THE GLYPHOSATE DODGE - February 2017

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