Making things happen

... just by thinking about them?

“If evil minds combine, good minds have to co-operate and combat them.”
(APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, 2.12.2008)
When people share intentions and emotions, their coherent thoughts spread ripples of coherence through the environment.

This isn't sorcery, it's science. Such effects have been measured repeatedly.

A long-term, on-going experiment has shown that when major events draw the world's attention to the same point, the shared thoughts are powerful enough to make patterns emerge in random number generators (1).

When people practice transcendental meditation, the activity of the nerves in their brains (as measured by EEG) becomes coherent, showing hyper-synchrony and rhythmicity(2). This brain coherence during meditation has been linked to field-effects in the environment. When large groups get together to practice transcendental meditation, increased positivity in their surroundings has been measured in several experiments. Positivity means less crime, fewer road accidents, reduced alcohol and cigarette use, rising employment, and lower pollution levels(3).

It is within our power to make essential, healthy changes in the great systems that dominate our world. We can free our lives of the threat from food diseased by foreign DNA. All we need to do is put our shared attention on a GM-free Scotland, and keep it there.

Don't think your one tiny mind is too small to matter.

(1)Global Consciousness Project (on-going)

(2)Jean-Paul Banquet (1972) Electroencephaly and Clinical Neurophysiology 33

(3)Dillbeck M.C. et al. (1987) Journal of Mind and Behaviour 8