Arm yourself with the facts

November 2019

Science used to mean 'knowledge', a knowledge based on systematic observation and careful experimentation to come to a conclusion as close to the truth as our limited ability allowed.

Now we have GMOs, living products of technology, and science has come to mean bullshit based on systematic assumption and careful avoidance of experiments which might throw up` inescapable, inconvienient conclusions.

Once, we were being told that genetic transformation was 'precise' and that genetic engineers knew what they were doing, giving Nature a helping hand even.

As it became clear that none of this was true, the GM food venture was relaunched in the form of gene-edited organisms, along with exactly the same bullshit.

While the biotech industry is desperately trying to avoid the observation, expgm aneriments and inconvenient truths about gene-editing, the 'precision' narrative has already been blown apart by the reality of the unintended novel DNA in its gene-edited poster child, hornless dairy cattle [1], not to mention goat and bovine DNA in mouse embryos [2].

Nevertheless, industry and an army of 'scientists' with vested interests in gene-edited organisms remain determined to promote the bullshit.

Time to arm yourself with the facts about the new threat to our food supply and our environment posed by gene-edited foods and crops. A good place to start is the latest edition of GMO Myths and Truths*. This fourth edition has a new chapter on gene-editing. "It's written in a format that makes it easy for the lay person or the expert to access the information they need and it's meticulously referenced".

* GMO Myths and Truths by Claire Robinson, Michael Antoniou, John Fagan, ISBN 978-0-9934367-0-3, available from Amazon and Chelsea Green Publishing  

[2] CAPTURED DNA - November 2019

  • GMO Myths and Truths (4th editon) includes a new chapter on gene editing, GM Watch, 8.10.19

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