Knowledge is power

January 2018

Your second New Year's resolution (after you've joined the GM Freeze campaign on 'Brexit and GM' [1]) is to support the providers-extraordinaire of information on all things GM, GM Watch.

Like GM-free Scotland, GM Watch formed in the mid-1990s at the dawn of GM, and its principle is that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

With very limited resources at its disposal, GM Watch 'watches' and reports on all GM issues worldwide. It has developed a very 'loud' voice, and is satisfyingly unpopular with the biotech industries and industry lackies in academia and government.

GM Watch can't operate on this scale without the help of its supporters, so think about making a donation to spread the knowledge and the power. Also, make sure you have the knowledge by subscribing to one of the GM Watch news updates.

GM concerns shouldn't be a 'gut feeling', nor idealism, they should be based on what can and will turn out badly if we continue to interfere, like a bull in a china shop, in finely-tuned and totally coherent living systems. GM-free Scotland is operated entirely by volunteers who do a ferocious amount of reading and writing to present these concerns in an easily readable form and provide focus where necessary on Scotland. Our aim is to put the GM issues into context and empower readers by making their concerns concrete.

Tell your friends about GM Watch and GM-free Scotland.

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