Brexit, imports and GMOs

January 2018

The big issue for Scotland in 2018 is going to be Brexit, especially the associated risk that it could usher in GM crops to our fields and to our food.

Without the carefully crafted EU Directives controlling the cultivation, import and sale of GMOs in force, major safeguards will disappear. Gone will be the precautionary principle, the recognition of the irrevocable nature of any harm caused to the environment, the right not to grow GM crops, the respect for ethical concerns, traceability and labelling.

Our biggest threat is from uncontrolled imports of GMOs from America.

US oversight of biotech crops seems to amount to "if it looks like a duck and you say it quacks like a duck, we won't ask any awkward questions" (GM Freeze). We're at risk of being dragged into line with this don't-look-don't-see, light-touch regulatory system America is so attached to.

Start the New Year by putting your MP and MSP's attention on the need to protect you, and protect the integrity of our food, our farms and our crops. Use to call for:
  1. Retention of a rigorous and independent GMO approval process on a case-by-case basis 
  2. Retention of full GM labelling obligations, extended to include produce from animals fed GM feed 
  3. Establishment of a robust polluter-pays liability regime.
For more information, check out GM Freeze 'Brexit and GM Briefing'.

Also, keep yourself up to date on the Brexit-GM issue by joining GM Freeze where you will receive regular information and action alerts.

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