Taking on GMO propaganda

March 2018

Remember Robert, and his answer to the Cornell University 'GMO Debate' which wasn't a debate?  His GM LESSONS, FOR FREE, FOREVER (June, 2017) are well worth viewing.

Now, our Robert is planning to make a documentary film about his encounters with Cornell's massive  GM propaganda machine.  If he can raise enough funds, Robert also hopes to go to India and Bangladesh plus Brazil and Argentina to meet the people affected by the GMO-industrial agricultural systems there, and to tell their story.

The film will be called 'Grow More Organic Wholesome Tasty Food': check out the trailer for it at  It's worth viewing the trailer to catch Cornell's promotional material for its GMO Debate which Robert has incorporated into the background. 

You might also like to give a small donation to encourage Robert in his quest to keep us supplied with 100% Monsanto-free information on GM.

·         Please fund GMOWTF's documentary on GM foods and crops, GM Watch, 24.01.18

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