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July 2017

Now that you have a newly-elected representative in Government, just burning with enthusiasm to serve you, it's a good time to speak out.

The Great Brexit Bungle could have many outcomes damaging to the quality of your food and your long-term health. All the existing EU food laws on GMOs might remain intact. However, it seems more likely we'll find ourselves with the GM products of US light-touch regulation on our plate and not a label in sight. Or, we could end up in a limbo into which any country will be able to dump surplus GM stuff no one else wants.

GM controls in the EU are the strongest in the world, but still need tightening. As GM Freeze points out:
"Brexit could see us losing the safeguards which have kept GM out of our fields and most of our own food (if not that fed to our farm animals) for the past twenty years, but it is also an opportunity to ask for more."
NOW is a good time to ask your MP to:
  • protect people and livestock with GM regulation based on appropriate, comprehensive, quality science
  • ensure the public are informed about what GMOs are being used in the production of our food, our clothing, our cosmetics, and anything else we are exposed to.
  • keep GM out of our soil, our food and our crops
Remember that your MP can only represent you if he or she KNOWS WHAT YOU WANT.

You can contact your MP using

Also, keep yourself up to date with British GM issues, and find out what campaigning initiatives you can support by joining GM Freeze. Check out


GM Freeze General Election 2017: Supporter Briefing

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