February 2011

Soya – keep a wary eye on it

GM soya is perfectly legal in Europe and could appear in your food at any time. It must, however, be labelled. Check the small print of any soya-containing product you buy (except organic), even if it was non-GM the last time you looked.

The trick here is to know what is actually made of soya.

The soya origins of the final product may not be at all obvious:
  • Schwartz “Bacon Flavour Bits” salad topping never came from a pig, they're soya (not to be confused with Danfood's “Bacon flavoured salad bits” which are wheat)
  • you can get soya “milk”, soya “yoghurt”, soya “cream”, soya “ice-cream”, soya “cheese”, soya “mince” and soya “burgers” which never came from a cow
  • “textured vegetable protein”, “TVP”, and “hydrolysed protein” are all soya
Soya as a human food is already problematic, but GM soya may be even worse. To find out more, check out WHY LOOK OUT FOR GM SOYA – February 2011

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