Imported food from the United States

February 2011

Very few GM offerings have appeared in the shops, but ingredients can change so be on the alert.

Experience suggests that processed foods imported from America or made by American food companies are the ones to keep an eye on. In the past, the following have been spotted in various locations in the UK:
  • Schwartz GM soya ‘Bacon Flavoured Salad Topping’ – designed to “add a little change a lot” (Schwartz is owned by US food company, McCormicks)
  • Betty Crocker ‘BacOs’ bacon flavoured GM soya chips - “made with the goodness of soya” and “makes every bite better!”. (Betty Crocker is part of US food company General Mills; other products from this company include Cheerios (in partnership with NestlĂ©), Old El Paso, Yoplait, and Green Giant)
  • Orville Redenbacher's GM ‘Popcorn Cakes’ - “a tasty guilt-free snack”, “perfect for active health-conscious people”. (Orville Redenbacher is part of US food company ConAgra Foods)
  • Supercook spray-on food colouring with added GM oil. (Supercook is part of the Dr Oetker range; the company is European but the GM Supercook spray was made in the US)
Hershey's various CANDY BARS have their own story.

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  1. schwartz bacon bits contain carmine - crushed cochineal bugs - may be GM free but not veggie


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