What Roundup does to people

February 2011

If you visited GM-free Scotland in October 2010, you'll have discovered that ROUNDUP CAUSES BIRTH DEFECTS.

A shocking report, commissioned by one State Government in Argentina, documented what had been happening there in the ten years (2000 to 2009) since Roundup Ready crops were introduced. It found a four-fold increase in both cancers and birth defects in the villagers living near where the GM crops were sprayed with Roundup.

Besides such observations from South America, other relevant and corroborating laboratory-based evidence of the dangers of Roundup has been slowly emerging. For example: interference in early embryo development, disruption of a placental enzyme vital for hormone balance, impairment of mitochondrial function (i.e. the cell's energy source), cell toxicity and death, and DNA instability which could lead to cancer.

Annually, 41 million tons of soya are imported into the EU: most of it is GM and most of it is for feeding livestock. The human cost of providing us with this cheap meat, eggs and dairy is described in graphic detail in a short (8-minute) programme which appeared recently on German TV and is available on You Tube. (In German with English subtitles). You may find some of the pictures distressing.

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