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June 2015

An important message from Greenpeace

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared Monsanto's super-popular weed killer, Roundup, a probably cause of cancer due to its active ingredient, glyphosate. 

This herbicide is used on millions of acres of farmland (especially on GM crops), gardens and thoroughfares. Glyphosate has been detected contaminating our food, water, air, rain, and our bodies. Concerns that Roundup is toxic to humans has been mounting for two decades now, but there's been little action.

Because Roundup is Monsanto's biggest profit-earner, and other agri-industries are now making a lot of money from glyphosate-based herbicides, they have every reason to deny, suppress, discredit and obfuscate the facts behind the WHO conclusion.

Greenpeace says:
 "... governments take WHO assessments very seriously, and are now scrambling what to do next. If we come together now, we have a real chance to suspend the use of Monsanto's Roundup ... "
Please sign Greenpeace Petition.  It says:

"As concerned citizens, we urge you to apply the precautionary principle and suspend the use of glyphosate where it results in the greatest public exposure, either directly or through residues in our food.

Meanwhile a thorough re-assessment of glyphosate needs to be carried out, taking into account the WHO decision and other independent studies. Ultimately a plan must be devised to phase-out not just glyphosate but all chemical pesticides, and move towards ecological farming. "

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