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April 2015



Why Don't Our Supermarkets Sell GM Food? Because We Don't Eat It!

We have some of the best, most wholesome food in the world. Act to protect it from the GM crop experiment.

Why action now is critical: Two BIG reasons: GM corn and newly granted powers.

With recent rule changes, we can now ban crops one by one. We need to act quickly. DuPont could even foist a new GM corn on us by 2016! More are sure to follow.

Why action matters: Our good, nutritious non-GM food and farming need our protection from government mismanagement.

The government seems confused about the reality of growing GM crops. A few weeks ago, the UK Food and Farming Minister said she wants UK farmers to have access to GM crops to fight disease and raise farm yields, but no GM crop actually does this. The Minister wants decisions on GM to be made on scientific evidence, but scientific field trials conducted in the UK showed that GM harmed the threatened wildlife which we should be protecting.

What's the truth behind the push for GM crops? 
It's really about trade.

Our government is spending our money on GM research to sell the results here and overseas because it claims that it will help our economy. That's just not true. GM could cost us dearly instead. Contamination happens wherever GM is grown, so growing GM crops will jeopardise the reputation of our agriculture, which employs 3.5 million people and makes up 7% of our economy. UK food exports alone are worth nearly £19 billion per year, so betting the farm on GM crops is a bad plan.

Write now to keep GM crops out of our fields and our food. You don't have to live in the UK to care about what happens in the UK fields



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