GM creep

December 2016
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Products with GM labels are creeping quietly onto our supermarket shelves.

None of them is likely to appeal to your average real-food locavore. However, it's good to be GM-aware. GM offerings are turning up, not only in budget stores, but in the top-end supermarkets Waitrose, Selfridges and Marks & Spencer.

And, keep on your toes, because a 'suspect' which carries no GM label one day, may appear in novel form when the next batch arrives.

What to look out for?

American 'treats', such as those sold under the brand names 'Reese's', 'Hersheys', 'Oreos', M&Ms', 'Twinkies', and several products with peanut butter (despite the amount of oil in a peanut, these may have added GM soya oil), some 'candies', 'candy bars', 'cookie dough' and marshmallow concoctions.

Watch out for the unexpected, such as chewing gum, Kellogg's 'Pop Tarts', 'Lucky Charms' and 'Puffs', caramel spread, Japanese-sounding made-in-the-USA products.

The first ever widely-stocked GM item in the UK is still going strong. KTC cooking oil, which may include various blends of GM maize oil, GM soya oil and GM rapeseed oil, is on many supermarket shelves and is used by caterers too. One of KTC's newer creations looks like olive oil on the label but has GM stuff in there too.


To get up to date information, check out:

If you spot GM labels in your favourite supermarket, contact them and tell them that they're ruining your shopping experience in their store with GM creep.

Useful addresses for food retailers can be found at:

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  1. Tesco and Sainsbury's have recently stopped stocking the KTC and Westmill Soya veg oil - and also, KTC blends of Olive Pomace and Soya - they now blend with Rapeseed. I do still see the confectionery products though.

    Where have you seen GM Rapeseed oil?


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