Roundup for breakfast?

July 2015
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Despite the World Health Organisation's conclusion that Roundup herbicide (active ingredient glyphosate) is a "probable carcinogen" [1], American's largest oat supplier, which supplies oats to General Mills, Kraft, Kelloggs etc., has announced it will continue to supply oats which have been sprayed with Roundup just prior to harvest.

The practice of 'drying down' a crop with Roundup makes harvesting quicker and easier.  It's also guaranteed to leave glyphosate residues absorbed into the crop.

General Mills fanfare over its 'non-GM' oat-based, breakfast cereal, Cheerios, [2] suddenly rings hollow: the sugar in Cheerios is now non-GM, but there's no such thing as GM oats and those we have are chock-full of a "probable carcinogen".

WHAT YOU CAN DO: start your day the organic way.


[2]  CHEERIO GM CHEERIOS - February 2014

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