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April 2013
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The idea that lab-made DNA concoctions are patentable 'inventions' is just about plausible. After all, Nature would never be so stupid as to put bacterial genes into food plants to make them toxic or able to accumulate chemicals.

However, the logic behind allowing patents on artificial genes has been extended in many questionable directions: rights can now be conferred not only on lab-made DNA 'inventions' but on any whole organism incorporating the novel DNA, and on any material derived from such organisms, including their future generations. With successive waves of patented genes, a bit of GM pollen in the air, GM seed spillage, and hybridisation, there's a risk much of the living world might soon belong to the biotech industry, if they have their way.

And it just got worse.

The biotech industry has found ways to bend European law to get exclusive rights over just about any seed it cares to own. A dangerous precedent is now underway to allow patents on conventional varieties of our everyday vegetables and fruits, such as cucumber, broccoli and melon.

With patents will come seed monopoly, high seed and produce prices, outlawing of seed saving, and law suits.

To put a stop to this absurd abuse of patent law, countries like Germany, France and the Netherlands must demand the whole process is halted. And to achieve this requires people power.

Here are two simple things you can do to protect your food and take back the earth:

1.Add your name to the petition at

The petition reads
“To the governments of Germany, France and the Netherlands and all contracting states of the European Patent Convention:
As concerned citizens, we urge you to take the lead to fix European patent law by calling on the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation to close the loopholes that allow corporations to patent plant varieties and conventional breeding methods. Clear and effective safeguards and prohibitions are needed to protect consumers, farmers and breeders from the corporate takeover of our food chain.”
2. Spread this information around.

*(See also No Patents on Seeds)

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