Light that match

January 2013
Howard Zinn
When discussing the civil rights movement and how long it took for activists to see results, historian Howard Zinn told an interviewer: 

“You have to do things, do things, do things; you have to light that match, light that match, light that match, not knowing how many times it's going to sputter and go out before it's going to take hold.”

The biotech industry and its cohort are keeping a sharp eye open for any little flames which illuminate the truth of their GM dreams. And they're ever ready with a big puff of air (not to mention a fire-hydrant) to put them out.

So, next time you find ...

Another sign of a GM food with toxic qualities? Light that match.

Another piece of evidence that Roundup herbicide harms health? Light that match.

Yet more science saying chemical-laden GM crops threaten future generations? Light that match.

Yet more propaganda about the latest must-have, value-added, trick-or-treat GM offering which will save the world? Light that match.

The usual trivialisation of your concerns? Light that match.

No match is ever wasted: each one helps the next one, and the next one ...

Once the fire's going, that biotech puff will only fan the flames and no amount of water will put it out.

Let's resolve do it this year, before GM crops and all their fancy chemical accumulations and novel proteins cause any more harm.

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