Take action on GM wheat

March 2012

Wheat field in England. Photo by James Byrum on Flickr
GM Freeze campaign GM Wheat? No Thanks! was launched on 1st March 2012.

The reason? The date marks the start of DEFRA's consent to plant GM wheat at Rothamstead experimental station. This means that trial crops could be in the ground at any time.

There are lots of different ways you can help the GM Freeze campaign: choose any you feel comfortable with, but please take action. For example
  • Pledge NO! to GM wheat.

If you can only do one thing, then do this one: sign The Pledge.
You'll find it at

The Pledge

We pledge:
  • We will not buy GM wheat or any products containing GM wheat
  • We will not use GM wheat in our businesses
  • We don not want GM wheat or the risks it brings to our food chain and countryside
  • We want the money being spent on testing GM wheat to be used for non-GM agricultural research.
GM Freeze will present the signatures to DEFRA and Rothamsted to make sure your voice is
  • Give some leaflets about GM wheat to your bakery
GM Freeze have leaflets on GM wheat, one for the public and one for businesses.
Ask your local bakery to display some leaflets for customers and to sign the Pledge.
You can get the leaflets from, or call 0845 217 8992
  • Spread the word
Ask a friend to sign The Pledge, Tweet about The Pledge, or put a link on your Facebook page.
Any organisations you're involved with (society, club, place of worship, business etc.) can lend
support to the campaign by adding their logo to the GM Freeze campaign page: ask them.

And, of course, inform yourself about the GM wheat issue. GM Freeze has a page on its website with the news on GM wheat and has a page to help you keep up the pressure at
(See also GM WHEAT IN THE UK - July 2011.)

Have a productive GM-wheat-free campaign!

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