Shop smart

Use EU label laws to say no to GM food.

If you're smart, GM-free shopping's not difficult

But be aware of...

Meat, dairy, poultry and eggs from animals fed GM feed.

**Update** Many UK supermarkets (except Waitrose) announced in April 2013 that they will no longer require that the farm animals in their supply chains are fed a non-GM diet. For more information check out GM Watch, The Soil Association, and GM Freeze.

Take action!  Write to supermarkets asking them to reverse their decision and reinstate their non-GM feed policy. GMO Action has provided all the info you need and an email template.

Caterers using GM VEGETABLE OIL.

Hershey's various CANDY BARS.

The TINY LABEL on the back of the pack with says *contains genetically modified ingredients.

Schwartz bacon-flavour bits and other PRETEND MEAT that's actually SOYA.


Remember... oorganic food is the recommended way to avoid GM. Happy shopping!