The science

For the scientifically-minded this page links to a number of articles we have put together commenting on the so-called "science" of GM. We hope they are also accessible to the general reader. Check out the warnings from science, how "safe" GM is (or isn't) the lack of any rigourous or even useful testing, and how little is actually known despite claims to the contrary.

The warnings from science

Are there dangers in genetic modification?
Read this article on some of the basic scientific observations on issues surrounding genetic transformation.

Is GM safe?

Is GM soya safe? 
A review of the science of Roundup Ready soya safety in 2008 This article updates Is GM soya safe?
Safety testing made simple - too simple
Viral DNA dangers

Horizontal gene transfer
Horizontal gene transfer (HGT) is the stable transfer of DNA between sexually incompatible organisms. Genetic engineers do their own version of HGT: they build artificial DNA constructs and insert them into living cells.

How much do we know?

Three key risks: a cell biologist's warning

The road to disease is paved with GM
In every major developed country, health services are buckling under the strain of spiralling chronic disease in the population and the huge cost of our modern high-tech health system.

Why fear DNA?
What possible reason could there be to fear an itsy-bitsy piece of DNA in your food? Claims that there is no inherent risk in consuming DNA, including that derived from GM crops may not be grounded in sound logic.

Modifying the mind - manipulation , coercion and distraction

Emotional manipulation
The UK government seems to have been creating waves of 'debate' on the GM issue ever since the biotech industry started trying to force its products down our throats. If you're wondering what is behind this tactic, read how your emotions, your mind and your opinion have been manipulated.

Turning the GM screw
You might think that all the pressure to rush into GM agriculture is coming from the biotech industry. But there are others in positions of power who are busy.

Golden distraction
Long-promised but never quite arrived, Golden Rice is proving to be nothing more than an emotional Trojan Horse: a GM staple crop cynically designed to exploit the suffering of the third world by using it to divert attention away from the very real issues of GM safety. Too bad to be true?

Other GM threats

Biofuels: bad science, bad maths, bad policy, bad ethics
Apparently overnight biofuels became a GM success story of sustainable, economical, clean, safe, environmentally friendly alternative to oil, providing the solution to our energy problems and global warming. What the biotech industry doesn't want to know is the uncomfortable conclusions scientists have come to about biofuels.

The science of making things happen
Shared thoughts can be powerful. Consider a moment just how powerful.

Special messages
Dr. Pusztai on using democracy
Dr Putzai reflects on the implications for the future in Scotland.

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