GM time bombs

Meddling with genes has put time bombs in our fields, time bombs in our food, and time bombs in our bodies. Scientists can hear the count-down quite clearly, but they’re not listening.

One of these bombs will be the first to explode, but they're all primed and ticking. Browse the articles below to find out more.

Roundup, Bt – and other systemic toxins

Safe as salt? Not Roundup.
Its makers claim that Roundup herbicide is as safe as salt. Is this true?

The first 'science' of Roundup Ready soya
The basis for regulatory and commercial acceptance of Monsanto's Roundup Ready soya seems to have been three advertisements dressed up as science.

A review of the science of Roundup Ready soya safety in 2008
More than 10 years after RR soya was put into our food chain, the question was still being asked where's the scientific evidence that it's safe?

Roundup impairs animal fertility
An infamous study by Russian scientist Irina Ermakova, which found that feeding rats on Roundup Ready soya led to stunted growth, small litter size and pup deaths was dismissed by the Food Standards Agency on the basis that an American study on mice published in 2004 had recorded no pup survival, health or litter size problems at all.

Roundup disrupts human cells
There's evidence of what Roundup does to human cells that Monsanto doesn't like at all.

Roundup causes birth defects in humans
Spraying weeds with Roundup herbicide kills them. Spraying GM Roundup Ready crops with Roundup fills them up with Roundup. Spraying people and their food with Roundup has been 'proved' safe. But is it?

Roundup makes plants sick
Do you want to eat sick plants? Or to feed the livestock which provide your food on sick plants? Are you comfortable with giving the vulnerable in the developing world sick plants to eat? Then just spray them with Roundup.

GM soya - why look out for it?
Known health issues surrounding soya in the diet, and how GM could make these worse.

Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis)

Always remember that Bt is a TOXIN

Bt in the water
Bt in the soil
Bt in insects
Bt in mammals
The costs of Bt

Allergens – misery and death

MADGE on allergies
The evidence on links between GM and allergies.

Allergic reactions to GM soya won't be found unless someone LOOKS.

Microbes – already the biggest unknown and unknowable in the world

Microbes in our guts... a little something to worry about
The vast and largely unstudied world of microbes inside us share our diet, whether it's natural or GM.

Agrobacterium is a natural genetic engineer hijacked by scientists.

Chronic disease – escalating and expensive

What happens to the artificial DNA, novel proteins and by-products inside once they've been eaten?

How could it be any other way? So what happens when you eat unintelligent food?

Artificial DNA copied from viruses is in most GM plants.

What what is the evidence that “no one has ever been harmed by GM”?

The latest thing in genetic manipulation is RNA interference: this is even less predictable and controllable than artificial DNA

DNA – Man-made DNA is a chemical

Changing models of the genome
The biotech mechanistic model of the genome is many years out of date: it has been replaced by a living, coherent model in which genetic manipulations can play no part.

DNA throws wobblies
DNA can be destabilised by all sorts of things, especially human interference.

The dance of the chromosomes
Living DNA is in constant and purposeful motion. What are the implications for man-made genes and man-made mini-chromosomes?

Ignoring the genomic mess we're creating with GM
Our future food crops are in jeopardy from the genomic mess created by industry.

Example of an artificial DNA construct
This is a very early, simple example of what genetic engineers are putting into food.

Image credits
Corn grenade by Greenpeace
Containers of Roundup by David Reverchon on Flickr
Soya plants and petri dish Wikimedia Commons
Head of pills by Mediterrate
Human genome Wikimedia Commons